Studio Milena collections evolve slowly to offer limited-edition cushion collections, luxurious one-off scarves and intricately woven art panels.

Each carefully crafted piece is brought to life with unexpected colour combinations, beautiful textures and experimental weave structures.



Considered design and sustainable ethics are pivotal to the essence of Helen's creative practice.  Weaving with only natural fibres and yarns including locally sourced wool, cotton and linen, as well as yarns spun and dyed in Yorkshire.

You will also find printed silk fabrics - leftover from the fashion industry - entwined into Studio Milena woven art panels.


Fascinated by architecture: from crumbling brick walls and dilapidated farm buildings to elegant Georgian townhouses and modern minimalism. 

Captivated by the relationship between architecture and nature within rural, urban and coastal landscapes.

A passion for traditional and vintage 


Helen weaves these influences into her textiles with an intuitive use of colour and texture.

Weaving in progress


Preferring to design at the loom, Helen spontaneously adds yarns and hues as she weaves creating a unique texture and a sense of movement to her textiles.

"I love the endless creative possibilities weaving offers me.  Often beginning with an idea in my mind, I introduce different yarns and colours to the warp threads, something organic develops on the loom in front of me. I just go with it!  I find this approach an incredibly exciting way t work"

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A passion for woven textiles, hand-crafted luxury, and sustainable design led Helen Milen a former fashion designer to launch Studio Milena in 2018. 

Having become increasingly concerned by a throw-away fashion culture and the waste generated within the fashion and textile industry itself,

Helen decided to take her creativity in a slower hand-crafted direction.

An obsession for collecting traditional and vintage textiles had developed Helen's appreciation for heirloom pieces with a story behind them. This became the essence of her weaving practice.

Helen combines traditional weaving techniques with contemporary design to slowly create

handwoven heirloom pieces to be treasured for years to come.

Designed and Handwoven in North Yorkshire

Behind the loom